#1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you started working photography.

My love for photography started in high school, I studied it throughout college (although my major was broadcast journalism) and even after becoming a television producer.  I just loved the power of an image, to freeze a moment in time and witness every detail of that image that told a story that could make you feel something.  After 10 years as a television producer, I left my full time gig to raise my children and started capturing their daily loves and really fell back in love with photography.  Thanks to the power of social media people could see my work and I began being asked to shoot their families and so my second career began.  Photography was always my dream job and I feel so lucky getting to do what I love every day and telling the stories of so many incredible people.   There’s nothing else I’d rather do.

#2. When working with family photo shoots what are your top 3 suggestions/advice for a good photo session.

1. First and foremost – be yourself.  Be authentic and real even if it’s not pretty, its what life looked like at that time and when you see that photo years later it will bring you back to that day so vividly – tears, laughter, scraped knees and sweet kisses and all.
2. Worry less about looking at the camera and more about connecting with your family.  A good photographer will tell you when to look their way but the beauty is in the moment you are connected with each other.
3. Coordinate your outfits.  Don’t match them – big difference, but choose 3 or 4 colors and have different shades of those colors similar in your families outfits.  It brings the photo together so well.  But always let each person put their own spin on it!

#3. When working with a home photo shoot what are your top 3 suggestions/advice for a good photo shoot. 

I dont really shoot much real estate photography but staged and clutter free are definitely a must when I shoot people in their homes.

#4. What is your favorite subject to photo?

My children.  They aren’t as willing these days as they were when they were little but I love getting to capture the looks, the glances, the details of what they are into at the moment so I remember it all years later.  They are my greatest muse.

#5. Do you have an inspirational quote or motto you can share with us.

Be real, be true.  People want to see you, not the perfect – that’s not real.  People connect with authenticity and love getting a birds eye view to what life really looks like.  Show that, celebrate that.  Everyone can pretend to be perfect, we all know no one is.  But everyone has a beautiful story to tell and we all love seeing that side.  And you will too down the road.  Also, “get in the shot”.  If you’re the one taking the pictures or hiding behind others – get in that shot.  You’ll want to remember, and your kids to remember you part of that memory.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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